体育app万博下载_万博体育appios_万博体育app万博下载app下载 is a city in southern Switzerland on the shores of Lake 体育app万博下载_万博体育appios_万博体育app万博下载app下载. The name of the city comes from the Italian word "Lucus", which means a secret forest. 体育app万博下载_万博体育appios_万博体育app万博下载app下载 has the most sunshine in Switzerland, and is known as the “Golden City” and “Sunshine City.” The designer uses the city of the Sunshine as the concept and use the Italian style to design watches. The dial adopts the principle of solar radiation, and the three-dimensional scale studs with the reduced shape, so that the studs and the sun ornament are concentric circles in the form of radiation, which is as vivid as the sun blooms.

Inherited in Swiss craftsmanship

Inherited Swiss craftsmanship